How to Save Huge on Your Next Health Insurance

It's about to start again; the period where we can change insurance company for our health insurance, the so-called switching weeks. Did you know that only a maximum of 7.2% of people actually switch every year? It's a shame, because you care a lot of money if you do switch. But what exactly do you need to pay attention to? I'll tell you! #education is always key!

Think carefully what your care needs are. The basic insurance covers the same everywhere and at all times, supplementary insurance varies by company. Do you need additional care? And if so, where is the supplementary insurance best suited to you and the most advantageous?

The mandatory deductible amounts to €385,00 on an annual basis, even in 2021. 87% of people in the Netherlands opt for this mandatory deductible instead of raising it, which would reduce the monthly premium. That can be very sensible, but only half of the 87% use that money. That means that half of the people don't even pay €385.00 in healthcare costs per year, and for them it would be cheaper to increase their own risk.

Do you have a collective discount, for example through your employer? Check out which insurance is included in that discount. Perhaps there are insurers that do not fall within your collective, but are even cheaper for you.

Once you've made a choice, see which cashback site you get the most discount. I am a member of several cashback sites myself, and the closer we get to January 1st, the higher the bonus they give, this can be up to €50,00 per switch. Check for more information this extensive film of RTLZ News.