Hundreds of Bespaartips - Save and Cut

Dealing with money is still a snow-covered item in our educational system. We learn to arithmetic and there are sums in which money is counted. But actually, that's where it stays. We don't learn anything at school about budgeting, making budgets, tax matters, saving and saving. There is a lot of information available on the Internet and in books, but unfortunately people only take care of that information when the moment has come in their lives that a solid income and paying your bills are no longer self-evident.

We “learn” from our parents. During my support of minima families, I often hear that people deal with their finances, as their parents did. That's nice when your parents are hard workers and could pay their bills well, or have set a good example in some other way, but in practice, you see that a large percentage of people for help come from a family where it wasn't so easy.. What the parents teach you affects, but is not always the most wise lesson, in short; #education is key.

I only started investigating myself when things didn't go so easy anymore, after having enjoyed a rich and financially carefree youth. When I had to do it myself, there were big debts and arrears within a few years, and savings were not there. By delving more and more into money matters, I dare to call myself an expert.

What can I teach you? How to get a lot of products for free, so you do not have to spend a penny on it and how to reduce your fixed loads. But also you can create small passive revenue streams and how to make things yourself (even if you, like me, have two left hands). Information on these topics can be found below. Have fun cutting down and saving!