I feel Compassion and Frustration, Compassion and Impotence...

I feel confused. I have a stomach ache and I feel distraught. I feel love, compassion and compassion, but above all I feel deeply frustrated. How can it be that every year around the world there are no less 9 million people die of cancer , and since the outbreak of the pandemic 3 million people to Covid , and that it is possible to vaccinate against Covid faster and more effectively than there is a cure for cancer.

Yesterday, the top athlete born in Utrecht died Bibian Mentel , in her hometown Loosdrecht, after years of dealing with cancer. I'm not crying for that.. So many people die every day for so many different reasons. Bibian happened to be famous, and incredibly inspiring in how she stood in life. But I didn't know her, so I don't feel any personal pain. What I feel the compassion for is with all those next of kin, of Bibian, but also of those millions of men, women, children and the elderly who die every year.

The frustration feels like this; how can it be that the world is so enthralled by Covid, of a vaccine, of getting better and not dying, when there is still no cure for that cunt-cancer? Which turns off the cancer as soon as it manifests itself? Of course this is an unsubstantiated frustration, because every day thousands of people put themselves in laboratories and research centres around the world to make cancer treatable and less lethal. But I feel it to my toes.

A lot of strength to anyone who now mourns. Om Piet or Jan, Klazina, Georgio, Ahmed or Bibian. Love.

My name is Maria
#iamnewhere hello my name is Maria I am new here they told me about this site and among me it was entertaining since I can write and comment on very enjoyable and interesting publications I hope to continue learning because in this time of pandemic I have plenty of time to write
Frank Zappa
Biography Within rock Frank Zappa was considered a diverse talent. He was a brilliant guitarist, an unsurpassed band leader and an incomparable social satirist. He started in the 1960s as the leader of the crazy avant-rock pioneers The Mothers. His subsequent solo work included everything from jazz rock to orchestral pieces, always brought with the humour that was Zappa's trademark. He succumbed to cancer in 1993 but the astonishing fertile workaholic left behind an awesome oeuvre. Genius is a word that is too often used in pop music, but it definitely relates to Zappa. Zappa.com - Frank Zappa would have turned 80 years old on December 21, if he hadn't died on December 4, 1993, almost 27 years ago, at 52 years old.. And while we're working on numbers: the newly released album The Mothers 1970 (four CDs) is number 116 in its catalogue. The fact that production has not stopped after his death is due to the efforts of the heirs Zappa, who has been doing good works since the death of Zappa's wife Gail, with son Ahmet and Joe Travers, the manager of Zappa's legendary vault full of recordings, as driving forces. In the house he once inhabited, his complete oeuvre is stored in a separate wing. The impact of almost 53 years of Frank Zappa. More than a human life can actually contain. Director Alex Winter was given access to the personal archive of the musician, provocateur and 'experimentalist' Zappa (129 min.), who breathed his last breath after an eventful life and career in 1993. Reworked version of an episode of TROS TV Show Op Reis from 1991 - the longer original version can be found here, this version was edited just after the death of Frank. In this episode Ivo Niehe visits eccentric pop musician Frank Zappa in Los Angeles. In addition to singer Frank acts as an investment advisor on American television and as a mediator between American businessmen and entrepreneurs from the Eastern bloc. In his studio, based in his home in Hollywood, he takes care of all the music and recordings himself. CLUSTER 1993 Frank Zappa TV Special (1991) - The tragic true story of Frank Zappa Frank Zappa took creative risks that few musicians would consider. He also wrote experimental classical music and gallaced all over the world. But Frank Zappa's life wasn't always rosy. His upbringing was rocky and his family life was also hard. Here's the tragic story of Frank Zappa..