I get up with music!

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I love music #music . I like multiple types of music, #nederlandstalig , Music from the 70s,
Rock, Smartlaps. I'm home from all markets. My alarm clock is a Wolter Kroes song.
Wolter Kroes is my favorite singer, at least 30 years I am a fan of him. I've seen him perform for the first time here in a pub in Uithoorn. A song he sang then gave me goose bumps... so beautiful! It's still my favorite song, but he's got a lot more beautiful songs. To concerts in Ahoy, HMH (now AFAS Live), marquees, pubs, Caprera, theater everywhere I went. Now it's a bit less, because staying up until 02.00 am not doing so well anymore, and certainly not in a big hosting crowd with Viva Hollandia! When I turned 60, he showed up at my party. He's been over an hour. What a party.
Before that, the disco was with only `70's music, Shout van de Tramps, but also its Raining men of the Weather Girls, great dance music, but also polonaise and was rolled!! A musical evening.
Still, you have to be in the mood for it. When I'm working in the house, and there are e.g. the Snotlebollekes, I can't feel like it, but I can do it in Status Quo's In the Army Now!
I've been to a lot of concerts. As you already read to all the concerts of Wolter Kroes, Michael Duble, Michael Jackson in the Johan Cruijff Arena (Was not so good, bad sound and we were all the way up), 3x to the Toppers, BZN, Frans Bauer, Jannes, Status Quo, Fleetwood Mac. I love music! Have on #dagopvangdenostalgie and a bluetooth speaker at home, where you can use #spotify create your own playlists and always have your favorite music. Also put our Nostalgia song book on a list, then we have music with our Nostalgic songs. Which, by the way, we had to learn to sing, because I really couldn't do the songs our clients used to sing! Do you know them? A cart on the sand road drove or Klein birdline, Zonje will separate from us. Now we sing along just as hard, but sometimes another one comes along that we think, where does it come from again...
Music is important to everyone!!