I got that again...

Last week I had my first vaccination of the much discussed AstraZeneca vaccination.
My 2 colleagues had immediate side effects. From Muscle Pain to Headache and my other colleague had Diarrhea and fever and flu symptoms, both only for a day! I had a slight headache after nothing. Until yesterday, a huge red, warm thick itchy spot on the arm where I was vaccinated. I chilled, but it stayed that way. This morning, still the same.
Then just see the doctor, after all, it's 9 days after the vaccination and as far as the thrombosis is concerned, they say that you can get sick between the 7th and 10th day.. So just pull the bell and I was allowed to come right away..
The place was viewed and marked off, it was an inflammation. 1 and 1 = 2, door mijn vitamine D tekort is mijn immuunsysteem wat laag, en de bacteriën die ingespoten worden, kunnen door mijn zwakke lichaam niet aangevochten worden. Tasty then!
I got a good AB course (antibiotics) and I have to keep an eye on whether the spot does not grow, otherwise immediately pull the bell again!

#health is a great wealth!