I just want to be with you!!

#daycareostalgia #dementia

Years ago I worked as a health care provider and Ev`er in the closed department in the nursing home.
Together with my team, I took care of 7 residents who lived on Kleinschalig Wonen.
Everyone had their own sitting/bedroom and there was a common living room, where we had the meals and had coffee and tea, we did games there, and watched the television.

One of the residents was Mrs. X. had a daughter who was her contact. Also, this daughter was mayor of a place nearby, so she was very busy! Every Sunday she combs her mother to drive the car, and then she always sang a lot of songs, which found Mrs.. X very nice, she had humor, loved to sing and was always cheerful. She lived with us for 4 years, until she died of blister-disease. Family was sad also because they would never see us again, they had started to consider us family!
When I was together with my colleague years later #daycareostalgia , she was there on our first Open Day. She was so excited.

2 weeks ago I got a phone from her husband. Also with her was #dementia established!

This morning she came in, brought by her husband, she flew me around the neck. It's not allowed, I know, but pushing away is not an option at all!
And she grabbed me firmly and said, I just want to be with you!!

The picture is of an outing, where we see the parade of the local decorated carnival cars!