I'm not celebrating Valentine's Day this year

#valentinesday #. Every year my partner and I celebrate Valentine's Day. Have a nice dinner in our favorite restaurant or grab a movie in the cinema. Unfortunately, all this is not going to happen now and even though there are plenty of alternatives. (like picking up food at our favorite restaurant or watching a movie at home) We're not celebrating this year. We have been sitting together for all days now, making and trying to make it as something fun at the end of the working day. With good food occasionally a wine play a game or watch a movie. We choose to celebrate our Valentine's Date later as soon as the weather can be. Then we have something to look forward to and look forward to. The idea alone that in a while we can go back to dinner in a restaurant or visit the cinema makes us a little happy. This year we are not celebrating Valentine's Day, but later in the year we celebrate the Day of Love.