I saw a UFO.

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Eleven years ago I saw a UFO.

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If I bring it up on Facebook on Twitter or tell someone that I saw a UFO 11 years ago, they laugh at you or I see them look really weird.. When I post regular and recognizable pictures, I get positive reactions and 'likes', but about UFOs you really have to keep your mouth shut.. There are always laughable comments when you talk about this, people say, “Are you going to fly girl or go see a shrink for a pill.You can not do anything with such an experience, then think it must not have been true. But today I can't believe my happiness. A life-size article in today's Volkskrant magazine, 1 - 05 - 2021 by: Emma Curvers. There are more people who think they've seen UFOs.

Of course I can imagine that talking about UFOs has a creepy edge and that many people associate it aliens, outer space. But if every time someone sees something you can't explain, you put it right in that corner, then we never have to talk about it. I know thanks to the Internet and since today, there are many people who have seen the same. If it was a hallucination eleven years ago, it's strange that I had a hallucination of something other people have seen exactly like that..

Since corona has seen more UFOs than ever.

Since the onset of the coronacrisis, more UFOs have been detected than ever. Not only because there is more time to gaze at the sky: UFOs are also taking more and more seriously. There have been endless laps in the past year, and apparently the gaze was often turned upwards. A slow moving disc, a big toll, a blue light above the clouds, a sphere the size of a skippy ball: in the archive of Ufo Meldpunt Netherlands you can see what kind of disturbances watchful viewers saw.. Even if there is nothing to do below, the air is still full of activity: 2,022 observations were made in 2020, far more than the 1,419 in the previous year.

That was because we all had a lot more hours to gaze aimlessly at the sky, but also through three videos, says Bram Roza, founder of the Meldpunt and graphic designer in everyday life. Three now world-famous films released by the Pentagon in April 2020. In one of them, a white light shaved over the water surface. “Oh, my God, dude!“What's that, man??', sounded the excited voices of two marine pilots. Yeah, what was that?? Skeptics saw a shady white worm and shrugged. But for UFO fanatics, these videos were proof: they are really.

The videos of the Pentagon broke through silence, because with that the US government said: UFOs exist. A lot of people think: 'Then I won't let myself be deceived as a fool because I saw a UFO.'The videos and the pandemic together resulted in a record number of UFO reports in 2020, in the US and also in Netherlands. Forbes Magazine already declared 2021 the 'Year of the UFO' , because by now ufologists are eagerly awaited to June this year. Then the American CIA must present a report giving a statement on UFOs. Former Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe told Fox News that military pilots and satellites worldwide have registered far more UFOs than announced.

Yet some reports are never explained by planets, paratroopers, or space programs, and then the detectors stay stuck with a mildly uncommon story. Even then, a UFO doesn't have to be explained immediately with extraterrestrial life, says Roza: 'For example, you can think of secret government projects, or even something much more abstract like 'inter-dimensional beings'. It could be anything. I'm trying to keep it open.’

Tell people about their observations of UFOs.

1. Sven (45) spotted an object along the A29 in 2021 that he could not bring home.

'Before 2005 I was never concerned with the subject of UFOs, I was very skeptical. I come from a Christian family — we didn't do anything with it, but the idea was that we were ever made by God and we humans are the only ones in the universe. People who would have seen UFOs I saw on TV, they were drunken rednecks, the same type that thought they'd seen Bigfoot. That's how I saw it, until I had my first experience.

I worked from 2005 to 2007 on an army base in America, I was married to an American. For the first time I came into contact with the phenomenon. In total, I've seen light spheres six times in the sky, orbs they call them: very capriciously moving lights, side by side. In America, I also saw a cigar-shaped UFO, I think a meter or 200 in length — these are more often observed.. He didn't produce any sound, just like the vehicles I saw later. I wondered if I had gone crazy the first time, but I did not use hallucinatory drugs, I had just really seen it. Then I wanted to know all about it. For self-protection, I haven't talked about it in a long time, they would think: there's the village fool. By now, I think people have become more open-minded about it. Because the Pentagon released the UFO footage made by naval pilots last year, something has changed, but there is still a stigma to it.

2. Stefan (47) saw a friendly light in the city park of Groningen in 2018.

'It was May 2018 and I had been with friends that night. It was already after midnight, I was first at the bus stop, but I didn't feel like going home yet. Walking at night I love. I know the city park of Groningen by my thumb, I've been there many times as a child. I am familiar with the sky in the night. There was no moon that night, so everything was good to see. It had rained a little, everything in the park smelled nice sweetish. Suddenly a little yellow ball in the sky made me stand still, with a bluish glow around it. It was on the horizon, but it was clearly not a star. Now might be a good time to say that I hardly drink alcohol, that night neither does a drop, do not use drugs, and I am psychologically okay. I thought, a plane, a satellite? Everything goes through your head. I decided to continue walking, but ten minutes later it was still there. I tried to take a picture, but when I grabbed my camera, I didn't see anything again.. I declare myself crazy and walked on. Where the path splits, I chose the right path. There I suddenly felt that I was being watched from behind. I felt a curiosity, as if intelligent eyes watched me with a magnifying glass. I felt no fear. I stopped walking, but I did not go about it myself. I looked at my own feet in amazement. My head said, walk, but my feet didn't do anything.. Now that I tell you, I have to take a break. I feel a threshold to recover the lost time. Because what happened after that is still a mystery to me.

All I remember is waking up about three hundred yards away lying on a bench. My backpack was standing beside me on the ground. I looked at my watch, it was 12 over 12, but on my phone it was 12 over three. Three hours, gone. I had heard the Martini Tower beating for 12 hours just before.. I walked back to the bus stop, but there was no more bus. Then I just walked back. I do not remember anything from the intervening time, except feelings. No fear or panic, but warmth and kindness, as if someone I'm in love with had given me a spontaneous hug. I spent the next few days looking for explanations for what happened, but I still haven't.

3. Marcel saw a UFO in the middle of Amsterdam.

'The subject of UFOs I found quite interesting, but I had nothing to do with it. I'm skeptical of myself, I also did not care in my youth. Until that one night, from January 16 to January 17, 1993. I was 24 and it was around 3:00 in the morning.. I am a musician and I played weekly in Amsterdam, regularly in the Bamboobar, Naaren Boven, Bourbon Street, Meander, De heeren van Aemstel, and sometimes also in De Melkweg and Paradiso. I also worked on Tom Oosterhuis's Zonder Fratsen tour and my own final exam for the Hilversums Conservatory. Most of the time I walked with my guitar on my back towards home from those places, then I picked up the amps the next day. After a performance you are always full of energy, it is nice to cool down for half an hour with a walk and let the evening pass you by.. I was walking on the Leidsestraat towards Leidseplein, I must have played in nightclub café Nover Boven, when I noticed that there was no one on the street, no traffic, no people, no drunks, nothing. Strange, on a Saturday night in the heart of Amsterdam, but no, nothing. In the square I suddenly heard a deep vibrating sound, very low, you could feel it too. It came from the left, from the Weteringschans. When I looked that way, I was freaked out.. I saw a huge oval light blue light coming at me, right above the rooftops, so bright that the whole neighborhood lit up. It was shaped like a classic flying saucer, if you know what I mean, about half the size of the whole Leidseplein. And he slowly came at me in a tight orbit. I fart, I didn't know what was happening to me, so I ran into Marnix Street, to a bus stop, like I could hide there.. Then I walked back to the corner of the Marnixstraat and Leidseplein, and saw him go over the square in full regal.. The whole square was lit and I stood stiff with fear. I walked along, back to the Marnixstraat, in disbelief. To the right of me it followed me over the rooftops, in bike pace. I punched myself in the face to make sure I wasn't delirious. At that moment I got a sense of recognition. I felt it wasn't after me.. And I had the feeling that the object also knew that I was looking. Do you know that phenomenon, that you feel like you're being observed? Then it got a huge firefail, white yellow inside and red outside, for a second or so, and shot off at once, upwards, at an emergency speed. I thought we had that again..

4. Lars (43) saw in 2016 a flying object that it was non-alien.

“In 1988, I was a 10-year-old boy, I was in Yugoslav Grocka, with my grandmother, and in the middle of the night, a few hundred meters away, I saw a large, fire-like sphere shining in, as if suddenly the sun went on. I went to the balcony and got a warm, peaceful feeling from it, all my senses were on sharp. My grandma brought me in, she saw it too. She said it was a military thing, and we shouldn't talk about it.. I assumed it wasn't from here. But about ten years later, by now the Internet existed, I read that many soldiers had made that sort of observations at a military base, with the exact same feeling. People said, “You've been looking in the sun for too long. But I never doubted if I'd really seen it.

On November 28, 2016 I had my second experience. I sat at nine o'clock in the evening at home in my garden with a joint. Yeah, now you're thinking, it's the joint, but I smoke it a lot more often, you're not gonna see any of that.. I looked up and I first saw that triangle, a tr3b they call it, a triangle ufo, there's a lot about it online. Then a boomerang shape, a so-called tr6 telos, and then the last one, of which broke my lump. The first two were bigger, but this one hit me much more because I saw more clearly what he could do. I estimate the vehicle was a meter or 18 by 3 meters.. He had some sort of anti-gravity feeling, he came flying in, noiseless, did some kind of scan, at least that's how I saw it, two spins and he flew off obliquely.. I thought, what the hell is happening? It was done in ten seconds. After that, of course, I sat in my garden all the time with my phone ready, but no, nothing. I kept trying to get proof, I had my iPad set up with a night camera on it. But on camera footage at night only the lights remain. And yes, what was I trying to prove?? The Internet is full of images of these things, of the first two vehicles at least.

What did I see 11 years ago??

I don't think it's from outside the Earth, but that people are experimenting with vehicles. The technology is far beyond a missile! I think there is technology, as we have all described in our stories. We all see about the same thing, but can not bring it home. I didn't have any exaggerated emotional experiences, but I did know that it was a very special experience when I saw a kind of big disc flying over a meadow, silently with flickering lights. It was so fast that I still doubt whether it was really what I had seen at the time.

Source: Volksmagazine/1-5-2021/Emma Curvers

Free writing: Janne Marthies

Illustrations: #pixabay and edited by Janne Marthies.

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