I understand the people who don't follow the rules.

#discussion I understand the people who don't follow the rules, at least a little.
Not personally, of course, but the behavior. I'm not a psygologist or behavioural scientist, but I am someone who likes to observe and find interesting to look at multiple sides of people or situations.

At certain assumptions in systems and situations at work, I was sometimes asked to play the “devil's lawyer”. Very useful I have to say, but with a group of people who understand the concept and do not get personal because of the arguments put forward.
In that sense, I also hope that you will excuse me but just think about it, because the points I have made do not represent my opinion.

I can imagine people's behavior well, many have to go from a 24 hour economy where they have been driven into all of a sudden to a stay at home situation.
People who have 2 jobs, kids to school, swimming lessons, sports, careers, social life, going out, training doggy and know a lot more than suddenly full on the brakes.

It has been known for decades that people have to be prepared for retirement and also release from prison, even people who have been held hostage for a while have to switch back, unfortunately it is not easy.

Ok the straightened leg then.
Why do “I” pay that price, I'm healthy eat well and think about my resistance, most who get very sick or die are already weak, you can not limit everyone for that.
Schools are the big distributors, shutting down and teaching the kids online, they've been sitting at home watching that thing all day and can do something useful.
The work has to be done, of course, we have to work on our future and the mortgage of the house, the price of which is also in a bubble, has to be paid.
Also, the new electric car does not live from the wind.
Why do I have to stay home?? We work our ass out and then we can't even go out, play sports together or go to a theater, we have to have something to talk about tomorrow at the coffee machine.
The forest or beach is no problem, we keep our distance and get some fresh air, at least if we don't have to put on that rotten and unhealthy cap.

Solution, just make the virus run out like every year, unfortunately then some more people die, it's no different. Should we turn our entire economy upside down for that? It has more impact on the economy and psychological health than, unfortunately, of a number of people who are already old and not healthy and live. You can not save everyone after all.

Again: Excuse me, but see if you recognize things with yourself and others, they do not represent my opinion.

What is very important, do not be too influenced by the moods and messages of others, that makes you despondent. Look what you have and what is possible and enjoy it, it's really much more than you think.

Strength and love for everyone.