#IamNewHere but #NotSoNewAfterall

Hi there!

Actually I'm not new here as I became a part of the Yoors community at... [one moment, I have to look up the date of the welcome e-mail I received from Henkjan de Krijger at the time] ... at January 10th, 2017.

So what am I doing here, under the tag #iamnewhere when I am not?

Well, I was more or less poked by a post of @Henkjan de Krijger how a proper introduction should look like. I can't remember ever to have written a proper introduction here, so here I go (better late than never, not?)

Good. My age.

In Yoors cycles is my age is now 3 years, 5 months and 2 days, to be precisely. Depending on when you read this, I may be older. But that's inherent to the relative position in time where you and I are at any moment.

Speaking about that relative position:

I was born in the now disappeared city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands (as I new it) somewhere way back in the previous century (yes, I could be your granddad!). However, the relativeness of time makes it a bit superfluous in my eyes to pinpoint an exact Gregorian date to my birth. After all, what does time mean (to you, or to anybody else for that matter)? To know the Gregorian date of my birth could only satisfy your curiosity, and it will either meet your expectations of how old you expected me to be - or not of course. So let's keep the magic and keep guessing ;)

Where do I live?

I try to live as much as possible in the eternal moment of the now. And I'm doing that in the north of Bali, to where I moved shortly after the beginning of this Millennium.

What do I do?

I only do what I like to do (yes I can). There are no 'musts' any more in my life, no schedules or agendas, no to-do lists, and certainly no 'boss' that is waiting for me (well, apart from my wife perhaps - yes I'm married and we have a daughter).

What do I like to do?

Things in which I can put my creativity. I design websites and web applications, I like to write (both stories and poetry), and I used to have a camera (it's broken now) to shoot nice pictures.

Other things?

I'm definitely spiritually minded. Breathing exercises and meditation (twice a day), I do the Tarot (for others) and I like running (four times a week for about 30-60 minutes)

Have I forgotten something?

Absolutely. When it comes to my mind I will add it to this curriculum yoorseana.

Dewaputra (my name, given to me by a Hindu high priest during an initiation ceremony)