Iamnewhere promotion pdf infographic

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We all know the introduction we can write about ourselves when we join Yoors. With the hashtag #iamnewhere we write a short introduction about our country of origin, our education, hobbies, interests. I wanted to see if there is another way to showcase yourself and this is what I did.
I went to work on Canva to make a nice Infographic, so you can also introduce yourself in a visual way in five short steps.
I put a profile picture at the top of the Infographic with the title of my name and that I am a Yoorsblogger and then a subtitle with three keywords. Then five steps with short words about who I am and then at the bottom I put Yoo.rs and that link is clickable so that readers and followers are directed to the Yoors website.
Are you curious what my introduction on pdf looks like?
You can download it for free for inspiration and with Canva you can make something like it too. I made this with the free version of Canva and this is non-sponsored.

I've already made a #iamnewhere introduction @Henkjan de Krijger asked for.
You can read it here.
I also put the pdf file in the blog Start blogging at Yoors today.
This blog contains all the information you need to start as a blogger at Yoors.
The first step is to introduce yourself here on Yoors with #iamnewhere
How to do that is all in the blog Start blogging at Yoors today.