Ignore on Yoors and how to undo it

You could possibly, if you really want to, ignore someone on Yoors.
Note:It's something other than blocking. Blocking is not yet possible on Yoors.

What consequenses has ignoring on Yoors?

If you ignore a Yoorsmember:
You won't see his/her posts anymore
You won't see his/her profile anymore
He/she can still see your posts and profile
He/she can't give points via hearts
He/she can't activate Fairshare on your posts
He/she can still give comments. You can only reply on a comment on another member's comments.

How can you ignore someone?

Go to the profile of relevant Yoorsmember and click on the rightmost button below the picture.
So the circle with diagonal stripe in it.

Admins can't be ignored.

Undo ignore?

    1. Go to the menu (the three horizontally above each other dashes in the upper right corner of the screen)
    2. Click on “Preferences”
    3. In the next screen, click on: “Filter”
    4. A screen shows the Yoorsmembers you ignore. Choose the one you want to show again, by clicking the cross behind the blogname
    5. Then you get a question if you are sure. If you are, click “Show again”, if not, click “Cancel”.

Is the box empty while several members were mentioned?
Then refresh the page.
For example, one by one you could make all members you ignore visible again.

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Updated September 2nd. 2020