We're going through strange days. All over Britain, Europe and America societies are split and polarized. There is anger about inequality and ever-growing corruption - and a widespread mistrust of the elites. Here came the pandemic that brutally dramatized this division.. But, despite the chaos, there is a paralysis - a feeling that no one can escape from this.
Can't Get You Out or My Head tells us how we got to this place. And why both those in power - as we - find it so difficult to move on. At the heart of it is the strange story of what happened when people's inner feelings became mixed with power in the era of individualism. How the hopes, dreams and uncertainties in people's minds met the declining forces of ancient power in Britain, America, Russia and China. The result was a blockage, not only in society - but also in our own minds - which makes us imagine nothing but this.

A wasted conspiracy theory that is mistaken for reality, in a world where real conspiracies are being forged. It's just one of the many little stories Adam Curtis has in his umpteenth ambitious project Can't Get You Out Of My Head (473 min.) connects to the great stories of our time, such as individualization, consumerism and technology as an ideal means to play (the subconscious of) the great masses.

As an old-fashioned schoolmaster, with his own tics and preoccupations, he walks with much bravado through the maze of modern history. The result is an awesome labyrinth in itself: a tangle of long, short and loose storylines tied together in authoritative tone. Order in chaos, which in itself might as well cause confusion.

The story of what torn the revolutions in the 1960s. Jiang Qing in China, Michael X in London and Afeni Shakur in New York believed that the minds of millions of people were haunted by corruption and violence of the past. They wanted to show people how to escape those ghosts.

But they had not taken into account that the old power structures were also haunted in their minds. They too were marked by the past - and some of them wanted violent revenge. While psychologists and neuroscientists began to discover what they thought were hidden forces in the human brain that really determined what they were doing. But the people didn't know.

The story of how the rulers in the 1970s wanted to create a world free from the dangerous big ideas of the past. They banished the big dreams of changing the world. And replaced them with money. People would now live in their own heads - in their own dreams. And the banks would lend them the money to create those dreams. While China would deliver a wave of cheap consumer goods on a scale never before seen in the world.

But then money broke out all over the world. And people started to get scared that things were getting out of hand. Not only money, but also the world climate seemed strange, unpredictable to behave. The systems seemed to lead a life of their own. Beyond someone's ability to shape and predict.

Not so much about the 'Illuminati', but about his own role in the satirical conspiracy: perhaps, without knowing or wanting it, he was still deployed as a tool of the CIA?