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Picture for a creep story. Who wants?

Playing with Paint dot NET options, I tried a blend plugin. Namely Blend Mode Plus .

What is blending?

Merge/blending 2 or more images.


I took this picture in 2016.

This one in 2021, when there was another full moon.


The aforementioned plugin contains several blend choices. This is the result of mixing the above two photos, well I'm not 100% sure anymore, but I think I chose “Phoenix” and then done something to the color tone via Customize.

Actually, I think it's suitable for a creep story.

If someone feels called to write one, he/she may use this result, as the story is posted on Yoors and this post is listed as a source.

Mention there #creepstory bee.


Posts I made before about blending in this free program:

Update: A few creep stories have already appeared — to stay in moon terms:

@Naturefreak made a creepy scary rush truth-based post (thank you for which): “To blend or not to blend”.
@Hans by Gemert bites into a new relationship. in “Forever Mine”.
And according @Teresa Seia my eyes shine. Why do you read “At Ingrid's invitation” (or not) in her contributions.

There are many more options:

No, I don't have any stock. Just excited what you can do with Paint dot NET.

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