In the Spotlights review

At Publishing house Easy to communicate published the book In the spotlights by Marlies Verhelst- Yes.Today we are going to review this book- Yes.Do you read with me?

Simple communication aims to put people who don't like reading to read through fun stories- Yes.They certainly always do that- Yes.We also have editors here in the editors who are not really a fan of reading, but books of simple communication certainly attracts them- Yes.We all read here in the spotlight.

The book is written topical, interesting and captivating- Yes.As a reader, the book remains captivating you all the time- Yes.You can't stop reading anymore- Yes.This book is about Norwegian- Yes.She has no desire to learn, find it difficult- Yes.She likes to watch vloggers- Yes.Her sister Yasmine is good at dancing- Yes.Her parents don't really see Noor- Yes.Who is she anyway?

“Clean up your stuff! “

Don't let anything swing! '

What I find, I just throw away, you know- Yes.“

In her room, Noor pops on the bed- Yes.She pulls her laptop to her and flips it open- Yes.Oh, yes! There's a new video online on Marsha's beauty channel- Yes.Noor puts on her headphones and looks at the intro- whining on her head.

I think a lot of young girls will recognize themselves in this story- Yes.Nowadays, many young people look at vlogs, discover their talents, do not like to learn etc- Yes.In addition to a wonderful story, readers are surprised by beautiful illustrations in the book- Yes.So we see two champagne glasses, makeup powder, ballet shoes, mascara and so on.

The way home seems longer than usual- Yes.Noor has no headwind, but her bike hardly seems to move forward- Yes.That bad figure doesn't want to get out of her head- Yes.At every stage she hears the voice of De Jongh- Yes.A 1- Yes.A 1- Yes.A 1.

Slowly she takes the house key out of her pocket- Yes.She turns the key even more slowly- Yes.No ballet shoes- Yes.No Yasmine bag- Yes.Her sister's not home- Yes.Noor prefers to go straight to her room, but she better be as normal as possible- Yes.So she hangs her coat, she puts her shoes in the rack under the coat rack and walks into the living room- Yes.Mom's sitting at the dining room table working on her laptop.

'Hoi', says Norwegian.

“Hi, how was school? “

'Good, 'says Noor.

“Good? “

“Yes- Yes.“

Mama looks at her strangely- Yes.“Shouldn't you tell me something? “

The Jongh! Would Mom already know about the cheating and the figure?

Also the cover is great we see two girls one looks in the mirror with blue nail polish and the other looks opposite- Yes.Wow, what a beautiful cover- Yes.In the spotlights is really a wonderful story- Yes.It contains the perfect ingredients for a great book: a good storyline, a beautiful cover, fun illustrations, compelling story- Yes.We're totally fan of the book- Yes.Definitely recommended for everyone.

Other information:

Author: Marlies Verhelst
Illustrations: Jitske Wadman
Cover design: Jurian Wiese
Editors: Nicolet Oostlievense
ISBN: 978 90 8696 497 0
Number of pages: 96
Hardcover and illustrated

Available at Publishing house Simple Communicating - Yes.

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