Infographic about Yoors.

Made this infographic about Yoors in Canva. In Paint point Just changed the size to pin format.

Whoever wants can use this image, for member recruitment and/or Yoors promotion.


Right click on the image and choose “Save As”. Then upload to Pinterest. Then you can attach your personal link to it. That's an abbreviated link. It's on your Yoorsaccount in the “Feed” tab, at the bottom of the left column. (See screenshot).)

Repinnen is also allowed.

Click the blue text to open my pin. You can then save it to your own Pinterest board.


As a fanatical Yoors member, I like to put Yoors in the spotlight every now and then. This is a nonsponsored, voluntary, spontaneous action by me!

However, can I earn rewards. For example, if someone joins via my link.

Please note:

Do not share this post outside of Yoors.

#nonsponsored #horspromotion