Invitation with poster.

A first set-up in the context of #yoorsstory
An invitation, accompanied by a poster (which could also be used separately).

“Meet a child-friendly, growing platform called Yoors. Where a lot is allowed and nothing is mandatory.

There is much to discover, learn and read.

You can post all kinds of things. For example, put your own photos of nature or something you've made yourself. Write a manual.
Tell us about your hobby or work, or about what you are busy with. Write stories or poems. Upload a video. Join challenges.

On Yoors you can find a lot of inspiration and they react respectfully.

Over the years, the platform has had several updates. All to make Yoors even better than it already is.

Meanwhile, there are members of various nationalities to be found.

Membership is free. Subscriptions will be possible in the future.

What's also good to know: Yoors doesn't sell your data nor advertises on the platform.

Yoors is transparent and accessible.

Come and experience it for yourself."

Written n.a.v. the question in attached post, from the founder of the platform.

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