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Artist of the afther life

Artist of the afther life

Its not easy to begin this subject. Some questions are more difficult than others... Some questions just need to be made!

One of those questions is about living the after life.

Since 2011 I started making spiritual art because of my paranormal gift off seeing between (intermediate wanderer) worlds. I saw so much extraordinary, but also peculiar energy’s that I wanted to talk about them in my art! I couldn't keep silent anymore...

The influence off Dali have affected my soul creations and some art specialist ask regularly about these similarity in my art. This is accidentally and grows between me and the art I draw. In the meanwhile it became my trademark. In symbols, that are like a language between my Guardian Angels (13) and me, I can, in custom made drawings tell you about anything you want to know! How is this process going? Because of the easy connection I have between worlds I just have to ask and the guardian angels tell me everything you want to know. This doesn't mean that the answer will be simple or easy. Regularly the answers are difficult to understand because they speak about the future and this part of yourself you don't know yet. Till the moment comes and you will understand what was told. Even the future isn’t a secret anymore this way!

In the years I worked with this beautiful energy I experienced how healing this art can be for the ones that have these colorful dreams around them! I make small art in “thank you carts” or “the face of your guardian angel” or bookmarks, to make this art affordable for everyone. There is a lot more to tell about spirituality, if this interests you, you can follow me and become a fan on my facebook IRIS NOVA

I am sorry that this art looks expensive but the prices are influenced because of the time consuming way of working with the pencils. I live a wild life in the Hungarian puzsta. Where it’s common to exchange/trade services and products, so if you just want to do a exchange I am always open for suggestions! You can brows in my shop.