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Since September 2017 we moved to Hungary. Here we started our self-sustainable life. We did that with a lack of sources and money! We wanted to prove to people that a dream doesn't need to cost a lot of money! We bought a plot of 4200 square meter.  A little Tanya (farm) was on it, where we needed to do some basic work on.

Now we are 6 month farther and on the beginning of our first crops. We want to start a permaculture food-forest but are un-experienced. Between all the big work in the garden, we also need to earn money to pay bills and food for our furry friends....

On our facebookpage, we share daily our experiences with the wildlife in Hungary, happily there is a lot of humor in our life and are we with a family of 5... so always something to experience!

We believe that making your own food is creating a life of total freedom! Its a way of life we want for our children and grandchildren, that's why we wanted to own, our own land! That's also the reason why our children wanted to experience this way of life two and came with us to learn!

Your welcome to follow us on our facebookpage Torpefarm and our Dutch community for self-sustainable living on Selfsustainable Hungary


Hieronder kunnen je vrienden zich aanmelden. Jullie krijgen beiden gelijk een beloning van 125 Yp. Je kunt het helemaal bewerken en op maat maken.Weghalen is ook heel eenvoudig met het rode kruisje als je er met je muis op gaat staan.


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!