Meet the rainbowfamily!

Our family has a mini self-sustainable farm in Magyar

Self-sustainable means also to earn a little money to pay food for our animals or the LPG  for our car, maybe even invest in some new up-cycled buildings and  stables, because that's where its all about if we speak about our farm  "Szivárvány Tanya" what in English means "Rainbowfarm". 

We got this name by our neighbors and friends in the Hongarian Pusta, because of our colorful  appearance as a big family of 5. All, we are, artists, all we like to  work with our hands and have a creative heart.

Almost every member of  our family has his own etsyshop with his own creations. This shop is  about the many things we would like to share from our farm; creations,  seeds, tonics, vinegar's, essences, tinctures, floweressences.... 

My wife is an alternative doctor for like 20 years and works with herbs her entire life, all what we offer is safe and pure without chemical preservatives and a real elixir for your health! Wooden furniture or cages for animals can only be sold in Hungary, sometimes we could bring  things to Belgium when we visit family!

Visit our chop here Szivarvany Tanya you could also visit our website on Torpefarm
or our facebookpage