Organic products? Living the old way...

Organic products? Living the old way...

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We have a new listing in our shop! We begin to have some sales, I am very happy 😃! Our product list is growing and the idea’s also! Because of all the things we make for ourselves we can make them also for you! Al our products we make are as organic as possible, because of the disease we have to live with (chemical disorder) we don’t like chemicals in our foods! We believe in natural living and use nature in all his glory for our own health! This knowledge we love to share with you trough the products in our shop!

On the moment, we have a small collection of seeds, you always can ask for a specific seeds you are looking for. We have some nice products like syrup or Belgium mayonnaise but there is much to come!

Where you can buy these seeds? Seeds


Hieronder kunnen je vrienden zich aanmelden. Jullie krijgen beiden gelijk een beloning van 125 Yp. Je kunt het helemaal bewerken en op maat maken.Weghalen is ook heel eenvoudig met het rode kruisje als je er met je muis op gaat staan.


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!


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Interesting although you do not mention what you make
| 19:40 |
We have a lot of products like seeds, mayonnaise, Belgium pickles, cocktail, chocolate paste... You can find a part of our products in our shop (see the link) and the rest comes the following weeks...
| 20:00 |
| 20:02 |

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