Our first give away!!!

Our first give away!!!

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We do a give away!!! To promote our etsyshop we give away a bag of cat seeds with a front, drawn by IRIS NOVA! On 21/3 we select a winner!!

We plan to do this regularly! What do you need to do to get chosen?
First like our page szivarvany Tanya, Tag one person you find who deserve a gift and share our give away!

Cat grass is very good for your pets health! Our little torpefarm (dwarf farm) has a feeling for nature and we harvest already for years seeds, flowers, herbs! Our shop will soon sell other listing like tonics etc...


Who wants to join?


Word lid en beloon de maker en jezelf!


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Wat een leuke aktie Iris 😀
| 07:41 |
Nice idea, unfortunately i don't have any pets, but my sister does have two cats and a dog.
| 18:03 |
We are on a new giveaway at the moment so...
| 16:51 |
I don't have a cat. But it's nice that you give a giveaway
| 15:21 |
Rabits love it to :-) lol!
| 15:27 |
Unfortunately I don't have any rabbits either
| 15:40 |
lol :-)
| 16:51 |

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