The face of your guardian angel

Like you know or don"t know, I am a born artist. Since I was a child I draw ours and ours. Since 2011 I started drawing spiritual drawings about the future of people. If I don't draw for someone I cant make these drawings. Every drawing has a story and all these story's are very spiritual. I can make these drawings because I am a lot between worlds where I see figures, beings that I never saw on our planet before. In my drawings I can share what I see! In the years that I do this kind of work I also have experiences that these drawings have a healing effect on people. Because they telling about your life, your future, your struggles, hanging them around you, fix the problem in your life.

If you visit my shop you could see that I have something for everyone. I sell the original drawings as art, you can ask for a custom made drawing about almost every question you want to be answered. I have also small gifts that you can give as a present to anyone you like. Soon its again that period of giving gifts to each other, these presents are very original and ad some big value to every gift you want to give. I also have cosmic tales that you can buy in 2 languages, just as a guideline in life if you need support or insight! Soon there will be prints that are available for posters or postcards. So following my will never be a disappointment.

I can understand that the concept that I am giving here is a bit difficult to understand but if you read my facebookpage and look into my Etsyshop, you will get the hang of it.

In my struggle to bring my gift into the world I do regular "give away's" to let experience people my art.

As an artist I do my first give away!!! To promote my etsyshop and even mij facebookpage I give away a custom made “the face of your guardian Angel” art by IRIS NOVA! On 30/10/2018 I select a winner!! This means that if you got chosen in the give away, I will make you your little piece of art, where I draw the face of your guardian angel and if you like I will ask the name of your guardian angel and there will be a short message for you included.

I plan to do this regularly! What do you need to do to get chosen?
First like our page Iris Nova, tag one person who you think would like Iris Nova and share my give away!

Who wants to join?



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