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What about a medicine for the soul?

What about a medicine for the soul?

Like you could read in my profile! My wife is a homeopathic and energetic life coach/healer! Since the birth of here second daughter she started to hear energy, that told her how she could make energetic healers for the soul. These healers could be made from stones, flowers, fruits of trees or every other spirit she meet on her path, searching for the right answer for your soul pain, soul-solution. This she does already 17 years, so she is not a beginner. Her sensitive feeling is so fine tuned that she can harmonize every energy that is disturbed around you and your life.

How she works? You buy this listing so your order is definitive. You make contact with her trough Etsy mail, tell her your full name and birthdate and why you want a soul-medicine! From that moment she can channel your energy and start the process of the making! The reason for wanting a soul-medicine is for everyone different! You can tell about your physical, emotional, spiritual suffer. Everything is possible.

What does the soul medicine do for you? The soul medicine is a combination of different flowers, spirits on her path trough your problem. Everything that shows her the way in what you need she will combine in a nice beautiful essences that you can use as a medicine, as a comforter, as a savior, as a guidance trough your pain, grieve or heart pain!

Does it has to be so dark? No, afcourse not! You want to broaden your life path? You want to have a insight in your life or the purpose of your life? You want to grow as a spirit? Than this soul-medicine will help you trough it!

Where comes the spirits from? Living in this beautiful Hungary, nature around us is pure and overwhelming... Everything around us is created like nature wanted it to be! All this real ness you will find in your soul medicine... nothing fake, no preservatives, non GMO!

This listing contains a soul-medicine especially created for you or the person you want to give this special gift to! You could always refill your bottle, just look to the refill listing in our products!