Is dementia a taboo?

#dagopvangdenostalgie #dementie
Most Yoorsies know I'm the founder and owner of a day's work.
A day for people with dementia and lonely elderly people.
Actually, we call it ourselves for people with memory problems and lonely elderly people. Because there is a taboo on the word #dementie .
People who come to meet us certainly do not want to know that they are demented. We always ask them if they don't want to give us a hand, one day a week, and in this way we bring in many clients, for which it is very important to go to a day trip! And once they get there, they love it with us. And really don't think that they came to us to help us!
A daily effort is to give the client with memory problems structure again, because he or she can no longer find it at home. Because home care and daily activities and family work well together, these people can stay at home longer.
Don't talk about “dementians.” They are not sick, they forget. They are dement. You don't say to people who have cancer, that's a cancerous one.
I've been working in healthcare for years and at least 30 years with people with dementia. I really have a connection with that.
My first internship was in a nursing home in Hoofddorp. I was assigned a resident who I would take care of during my internship, actually get under my care. This lady was passive, sat in the fetus position in a wheelchair and moved only the eyes! Fascinating! How much have I learned about dementia here!
On a feast afternoon there was a sailor's choir performance. During this performance, this lady only cried, tears ran over her cheeks. What was the case, she has always sailed on a ship along with her husband! And memories came up, and she could only express herself in this way, memories, beautiful music! Hand in hand and I too with the tears in my eyes listened to the sailor songs!
No matter how sad sometimes, but I love my job. And I, too, have fought once, with someone who was aggressive. Threatening you, throwing a chair at you or a walker. These people are not crazy, they are demented, they know at that moment what they are doing, but they forgot about it again after 5 minutes! The annoying thing about a bad incident is that people with dementia no longer know what happened, but still have the feeling of it. A bad feeling and from that feeling can come a lot of unrest and that brings consequences for the rest of the day.
We have buses to pick up our clients from home and bring them home. On our buses stood in the beginning, For people with dementia and lonely elderly people. There are relatives who came to bring their family member because they didn't want the area to see their family member going into a van with dementia on it. We have now also changed the text to memory problems instead of dementia. We also received a complaint, over the phone. This lady thought it was inhumane that we had dementia on the bus. We invited her to come and take a look at the Nostalgia, so she could have seen that we do leave our people with dementia in their value! But she didn't do that!
Never tell a person with dementia that their father or mother is dead. They are in an experience where their parents are still alive. If they ask, you know where my mother is, and you say, “She's long dead.” Then think about how you would react to hearing that your father or mother is dead, which you think is still in life. That's awful. People with dementia go back to their childhood, and encounter other experiences there. It could be that they don't see you as a daughter, but that you became her or his mother.
I can write a lot more about dementia. It's a special phenomenon!