Is dementia a taboo?

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With us on the #dagopvangdenostalgie we try to prepare the caregivers for the time to come. Now every kind #dementie different and each person carries this in his own way. So there can also be a change in character. Someone who was very angry and sullen in life can now become very sweet and that can be the other way around. This doesn't have to be, but it can be done.
The municipalities in the Netherlands are trying to become dementia-friendly as possible.
I'm on a dementia-friendly committee of one of our neighborhood municipalities. Only it's a little slowed down all by Corona. But we're doing very well, I think.
I've always worked in the nursing home in the closed ward. When residents were admitted there, we saw the ignorance among the relatives how to deal with dementia, how unprepared the relatives are in what is coming. The approach in people with dementia is very important. Do not question them, never argue with them, and do not get angry. They don't know what happened after 5 minutes, but the feeling is still there! And that can make them very sad, restless or anxious.
So we at Nostalgia send information about the type of dementia their family member has and give twice a year a question night about dementia, this in order to prepare them as much as possible for what might come.
I don't want to beat me and my team on the shoulders, but you definitely have to have affinity with people with dementia, otherwise you won't keep up with this!