It was the heart of autumn

It was the heart of autumn. In the woods, she enjoyed the beautiful colours of her favorite season.
A lovely birthday cake was waiting for her at home. That had her sweet baked for her.
What a super fine prospect.

As she looked around, she saw a stump over the head, stumbled, and ended up in a noose.
Soon, she suddenly hung dangling from her ankle, high above the ground. The first thing she thought of was calling for help.
She grabbed the phone, but unfortunately it fell out of her pocket, on the floor, in a mud pool.

As she started calling for help, she thought, “Why did I just have to go out into the woods if necessary?!”
Suddenly someone shook her shoulder. “Honey, it's your birthday! congratulations!”
Confused she looked around. She was just lying in her own bed!


2015 own photo.

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