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I am not sad anymore,
My alcoholism took care of that   
still takes care of that                      

from time to time.  
But I'm not happy either,            
some call it high-sensitive            

some call it somewhat dark            

yet I can still see beauty                      

in all my eyes can notice.        

Maybe my problem wasn't                    

that hard after all                                        

yet this long and lonely road                  

had made it incurable.                              

Though I will not grief                                

I will not lie awake of guilt                      

nor will I take it out                                      

on anyone else.                                            

I will gladly carry it with me                  

since embracing it                                        

saved me from myself.



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heel mooi geschreven, maar ik denk dat er iets is misgelopen met je lay-out?
| 12:47 |
Dankjewel! En ja klopt, moet nog even uitvogelen hoe het allemaal werkt (:
| 15:33 |

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