Je wordt gemist....

Al een paar dagen mis ik verschillende mensen.
IK weet dat ze ziek waren en ik hoop dat je zich snel beter voelen en wie weet lezen ze dit!!

@Dana @DiaantjesLife 🦋 @LWAlmanak 
Weet dat we aan jullie denken!! Beterschap!
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Work in progress: The mandarin duck
About two months ago, it happened spontaneously. My heart started beating faster and I was sure, the spark had jumped over. I was in love. In love with who then? You're happily married? Yes, so don't worry. I fell in love with the so beautifully colored mandarin neckline that was @Encaustichris amazingly beautiful photographed was. Oh, how nice it seemed to me to draw them with pastel pencils. Consent from @Encaustichris I had quickly received, but because the pastel hits my lungs I had to wait for the nice weather and oh what can wait then take a long time. Mandarin ducks spotted in our surroundings! - Love Happiness - Of course I could also just make it with colored pencil, but I kept hesitating, because oh I had it with pastel pencils in my head. It allows you to create wallpapers, work layer over layer, and it works much faster. An article in a magazine brought the solution. A couple of two mandarin nies would bring love happiness. Mandarin noons are monogamous. Once they have found a partner, they are inseparable from each other for their whole lives. Therefore, this duck is the perfect symbol of loyalty and good marriage. Oh says my, who was finished with my grumbling, so you just make two. And that's how I got to work. But what a nice collar has that beast. So beautiful, but so laborious. That's really going to be dash by dash, but oh how nice to see him grow at every dash. It'll be a while before it's finished, but it's being prosecuted. And in the meantime I am already working on a pastel pencils with a beautiful background, because yes Noos once has something in her head....
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Digital Art: Baljurk
#designchallenge Meanwhile, I've tried my hand on digital drawing. In the drawing you see my character from a game that goes to a ball. I designed the dress myself, based only on some other, but nothing completely taken over. The character comes from the game World of Warcraft, or in short WoW. In WoW you can also roleplay alongside many other things, such as leveling your character, fighting with or against other characters etc.. That means you're playing your character like you're actually living in that world. You walk around, talk to others. For example, you can play that you are the local baker and sell bread or chat with the neighbors. For example, I have several characters that I like to roleplay with, including the one I drew. The roleplay community in WoW is big and lots of things happen to keep it active and fun for everyone. For example, there are often events organized where everyone can go and tonight there is exactly such an event, a ball. In this drawing I have the dress that one of my characters will wear what designed and drawn out. That's how I and others have a picture of what she looks like on that night. I plan to go to the prom with another character. For her I also quickly created an image of how she will look at the evening, only I made more use of some simple cut and paste work.. No drawing here, but still a picture of how she will look at the ball. I didn't design this dress myself, of course, since it's a real dress that I stuck on my character.