Join Santa Claus

Santa took in his sleigh
All gifts along
Rudolph in front, Prancer in the back
“Let's go!”

They flew along mountain and valley
Along the moon and all
The last package was for Jack
That's a sweet boy.

Jack received a letter from Santa, read it and shouted “YES!”
He was allowed to ride with the sleigh
His astonished parents
Grabbed him by the shoulders and said:

“Enjoy it! Tell us tomorrow how it was!”
That night, Jack went up to the air
He had a great time to his liking

He saw mountains and valleys, houses and moon
It couldn't go on long enough for him
Jack turned out to be dreaming, he slept wonderfully
In the classroom...

Jaap had enjoyed his dream
The moon was still to be seen
Wait... Did he see a silhouette of the sleigh?
Maybe someday he can really join the ride...

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