Join Yoors for free and earn!

Join Yoors for free and earn!

Make Money


Are you looking for a fun way to make money?

Then I have something really fun for you! Becomes gratuitous member of Yoors , the fun and creative social media platform and earn Yp (Yoors Points) reading, writing and your creations, for example your artworks, your photos, music. Yoors Points are points worth money. If you join Yoors for free and invite your friends, you will receive Yoors Points for every friend. They also become a member for free. They too can invite their friends again and earn YPs as well.


But what is Yoors?

It's understandable that you're asking that question. Of course you want to know what Yoors is! Yoors is a fun social media platform, where you can read, blog, post your photos and videos, show your artworks or if you like to cook, share your recipes with us or maybe you are a lover of nature and share your walking routes with us, in short everything that you like to share you can lose on Yoors. If you really want to know exactly what it's about, read this blog, but I'm sure you're going to like it here.

So what should you do?

Very simple! Follow the steps below and you'll be in Yoors !

  • Sign in Yoors
  • Invite your friends
  • Your friends invite their friends again


Join Yoors for free and start today!

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