How to create bookmarks on Yoors?

Let's say you’re reading an interesting blog or you’ve come across a stunning picture and you want to have a look at it again, then you want to save that post. And that’s possible! By creating a bookmark. In this post, I explain you how to do that.

1 || Blog or picture

First you have to find an interesting blog or picture but I assume that you already found one. Now you have to scroll down to the bottom of the post. You’ll see a lot of buttons, but you need to click on the one that is displayed besides this text. A popup will show up and make sure you click on “save”. Now you’re done.

2 || Have a look at it again

Of course you want to have a look at it again, so how do you that? I’m pretty sure that you know where the home button is located. You find it at the upper left corner of the website. Right next to it, you see the same icon as which you have clicked on to create your bookmark. And guess what? That button will bring you to a page with a list of all your bookmarks.

Maybe you’re done with reading that same post over and over again and want to delete it from your bookmark list. Click on the cross sign and it will be deleted

Note: If the owner of the post you bookmarked decides to delete the post, the bookmark will disappear.

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