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I have been reading the #metoo stories for a while now and finally decided to put my story out there as well.

First I would like to say that all of these stories have to be taken serious, no matter how 'small' they may look for you and that I give a lot of love and strenght to the women who came out with their story and went trough these disgusting things. Remember that you are beautiful and you will never be alone! Together we are strong. <3

My story may not be the worst you will read, but it did effect me and the way I look at myself...

When I was in highschool I never felt like I was pretty and boys paid attention to me. I just felt like one of the guys, because I hang out with the guys more than I did with the girls. This was because I didn't like the drama and was to busy with my grades that I couldn't care less about everything the girls were gossiping about in class. I also did not have any intrest in the guys from school at all and it was the same way around. Untill everything changed... I was 14 and there was a new boy in our class and because I always hung out with the guys, we began to talk very fast. I noticed that I started to like him the more we talked and had fun together. He and his friend from another school started to notice this too,unfortunately... I was young and dumb (now I'm just dumb) and when we were sitting together for a group project, him and his friend held me down against a wall and putted their hands down my brah while saying the most heartbreaking things to me, like how I would never find a boyfriend because off how ugly I am and how I dared think someone like him would like me back... They just laughed when they ran away afterwards.

I just sat there... With tears in my eyes I felt humiliated, disgusting, ashamed,... I chose to never talk about it and just to try to forget it. But I never did...

I find it hard to look in the mirror and to like what I see, I started dieting very extreme at the age of 14 because I felt disgusted by who I was...By who I still am.

It took a while untill I had a boyfriend and I was friends with that boy for over 6 months before I even felt okay with being that close with a boy.

Now I live together with my boyfriend with who I have been together with for years now. Still I don't feel comfortable showing my body. Not because I don't trust him, but because I don't like my body. I just don't like me... Because, for years I thought I would never find someone because of how ugly I am.

These small things, in the eyes of a men, have HUGE effects on the way a women looks at herself! It destroys us, because it makes us destroy ourself...

We are powerful, beautiful, smart. We are mothers, sisters, friends, besties. We are women!

Being a woman is a blessing and a curse... You have to be there for your child, your parents, your husband, do the household, go to work and off course always stay strong and ready to help others. These are a lot of responsabilities, but we do all of this with love and a smile on our face 24/7. We enjoy doing all of this and in return we can enjoy the beauty that is given us. We can enjoy our lovely family, our wonderful children, our sexy husband and our amazing friends.

But we have to take a lot of SHIT too!

All my life I, just like all other women, have been taking respectles, disgusting shit from men. WHY? Because they fear us... Men can not accept the fact that they can not live without us and it makes them afraid. It makes them act in a way that they 24/7 make us feel like we are nothing more than just their tool. Just so we feel like shit and stay 'weaker' than them.

Well those days are over boys!

Because we know you NEED us and we realise that we are stronger than you! The days of, us women, keeping our mouth shut, cooking you dinner and just do whatever you want us to do are gone... And you know what? They are never coming back honey.

So go make me a sandwich. 

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