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What to remind yourself when 'dieting'

What to remind yourself when 'dieting'

Remind yourself every day girls!

1. 'Diet' is a NO GO

This one is very personal, but I think that dieting is a myth... It is not the way to be healthy or get long term results. In my opinion it is a way to do yourself too short, to get (extreem) results in an unhealthy way that will only last for max.  a year. Because the thing with diets is, that they are impossible to follow your whole life. I have never met someone before who replaced his or her food with shakes every day till the end of days... It is not only impossible, it also is unhealthy and not effective if it comes to long term. The moment you reach your goal and go back to normal eating (even without eating candy), you will go right back to where you started your diet. 

If you want results in a healthy way (physically & mentally) that will stay a lifetime. You do not have to follow a diet, you have to follow a healthy lifestyle. I know... everybody always says the same, but it is true. Don't just eat nothing else than carrots for a month to lose weight. Really start changing your habbits. Start cooking with more veggies in general and drop the chocolate sandwich in the morning. Instead of coming home from work and drink wine in front of the TV, go to the gym! I personally stopped eating candy, chips,... and started going for a run in the morning and to the gym after work. Do not get me wrong... I also can really enjoy a good glass (or bottle) of wine and watching The Big Bang Theorie on Netflix in the evening (believe me I really do). But I go to the gym first and go for my run every day.  You do not have to deny yourself things you love to do, you just have to get healthy habbits.

2. Have patience

Just because you ate healthy for 3 days and went to the gym, doesn't mean you will already have reached your goal. You can not expect to reach your goal in a week, at least not if you do it in a healthy way. You will have to have patience and give yourself and you body the time to get there. Changing your entire lifestyle is not the easiest thing to do, it will take time just like  getting results. Just remember that it will all be worth it!

3. Forgive yourself

Trust me when I say that you WILL break at some point and you WILL make unhealty decisions sometimes. But you have to learn to forgive yourself in these moments. Being mad at yourself and keep reminding yourself about the stupid choice you made and how bad you feel about it will only make it worse. You will have to learn to say 'Okay no problem' and just go back to making the healthy decisions again. We all make tiny mistakes and we learn from them. So do not feel bad about it, but use it as motivation to do it better the next time!

4. Motivate yourself

We all need people around us who belief in us and motivate us to keep going. But you have to remind yourself that the most important source of motivation nothing else but yourself is. Give yourself a main goal and set other small treat points on the way to the big goal. This way you will motivate yourself to reach a new point to get a treat, and reaching your goal will get a lot easier & a lot more fun! Motivate yourself by reminding yourself why you even started all this. You clearly had motivation to make the decision to change your lifestyle, find that motivation by reminding yourself why you made the decision and what pushed you in the first place. Believe me when I say that it WILL push you again.  Another tip to motivate yourself is by sharing your succes. You will be so proud of yourself if you see other people be proud of you. This will motivate you to keep going and share your even bigger succes again and again. Remember that you are the key to your own succes and that is why you have to be able to motivate yourself!

5. Relax

Never forget to relax once in a while and give your mind and body a break. If you worked in a company every day , all day ... Wouldn't you snap, throw everything on the ground and leave with your middle finger up after a while? I know I would. 

You have to treat yourself once in a while, you work hard enough for it! Get your mind of of everything and let your body rest for a day. Order yourself a pizza or give yourself that glass of wine ;). Skip the gym for once and get a nice long bath, put on your onesie and go watch your favorite movies all day long. We all deserve a day we do not think about what is good for our body or what to do & not to do to reach our goal. We all need that one day we only think about what we had to miss and what we want ;). As long as it is just that one day, it is okay. We are only human and you know what... We deserve it!


This one is the most cliché one out of the list, I know... But it is also the most important. 

Do what makes you happy! If you are like me and going to the gym everyday, running, yoga,... makes you happy. Than that is what you should do. But if you are happy gaming, relaxing and do not like sports. Than you should stay right where you are! 

Never change a lifestyle you are perfectly happy with for a lifestyle that only makes you feel uncomfortable. It is your life and you have to live it! So live it the way it makes you happy. 

                                         -xxx- LilBelGirl 

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