Why social media can make people unhappy!

Why does it make people unhappy to be on the social media’s like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

FOMO (fear of missing out)

It shows how it makes people watch their phones over and over again because there too afraid to miss something. To know what’s going on in the world and there not missing anything out.

When you’re doing that, you’re just being a digital hamster wheel making yourself feeling okay with yourself.


It looks like your friends having more fun than you do, that all the celebrities have better body’s then you do. But the thing we forget is people always pick the best pictures of themselves. A lot of women (maybe men to) take like a 100 pictures for just one good Instagram photo. Those Kylie Jenner pictures are made with the best photographer and the best Photoshop. Is that really the world where you want to live in? Where your food is already cold because it took you too long to make a good picture. Where hanging out with your friends going to clubs is more about showing off how much fun you’re having. How pretty you are with you’re #just out of bed look # no make-up but everybody can see you did put too much effort to make the picture?

Do you really want to live in your fake fantasy land?

Because showing that you’re having fun isn’t a security that your actually having fun. So enjoy the world, your friends and food and think about them before your 1200 followers who don’t give a damn. Because the only thing it makes them do is showing the world even harder that they having fun to!