lancome la nuit tresor eau de parfum musc diamond

Lancome, our favorite brand has launched a new fragrance: La nuit tresor musc diamond is Today we're going to review him.

Content:50 ml

Type: eau de parfum




Lancome addicts:

When this fragrance exploded on the editorial board you can imagine what happened: a huge attack: Lancome is a The box was torn open impatiently, we were in a hurry, we had to see it, feel it and smell it as soon as possible.


Chic and shiny:

La nuit musc diamond is in a very chic shiny packaging. In the middle, grey, pink dominate the packaging a little green. It moves even more. The side is black. Besides the pink title on the side of the vial, you can also see it headed in braille. Wow great that blind people are also taken into account. I think that is a huge plus.

10 points. Great.

The fragrance is in a white package in a diamond shape. The diamond is white. You only keep staring at the beautiful diamond vial. The top of the vial diamond is purple, the more you move it the more purple it becomes. The title certainly does honor this fragrance. Indeed it seems like you have a diamond in your hands. There is a cute white ribbon around it with a rose. The fragrance penetrates your nose. Only a syringe is needed and the sparks skip.You can smell the delicious top notes: rose oil, musk (heart) and the basic notes freesia and vanilla. The scent lingers all day, we expected no different from Lancome. Everything that Lancome produces turns into gold, so also this fragrance. We are totally in love with this delicious fragrance.


Penelopez Cruz:

Fresh This fragrance is composed by three exceptional perfumers, Amandine Marie, Christophe Raynaud and Honorine Blanc. Penelopez Cruz is the face of this beautiful perfume.

Favourite fragrance:

As far as smells are concerned, we do not like very strong scents but also do not like too Floral. A nice mix is very tasty. We recognized that in this fragrance. Not too sweet and not strong. Such scents remain our favorite. On our desk we only have scents that really mean something to us. Lancome la nuit musc diamond we have given a place of honor on our shelf. We are totally crushed. You will probably be that too. Very recommended for everyone. If we were allowed to give this fragrance a figure, it would be a 10! This fragrance has stolen our heart!





Available at ICI Paris XL, douglas and others fixed outlets.


Pssst, are you going to get this scent on your wishlist? Places??