Hahaha, man man man... De mythe van de 'langlevende Hunzakuts' is al jaren geleden volledig vernietigd. Maar jawel hoor... Hier wordt hij nog eens herkauwd ;) Many claims are made in articles, books, and websites that the awesome health of the Hunzakuts was at least partly due to organic farming. This is certainly a silly claim. At the time the British arrived in Hunza during the 1870s, everyone on Earth used organic farming. There were no chemical fertilizers, no herbicides, no pesticides, and no pasteurization of milk anyplace on Earth, and life expectancy was about 40 years of age or less. The Hunza people did not enjoy exceptionally long life as falsely claimed. It is doubtful that anyone in Hunza ever lived to be 100 year of age. The ages claimed by the Hunzakuts were simply lies. They considered age to be a matter of wisdom and achievement, not calendar years. They kept no written records and did not know their calendar age. The Hunza people were not healthy or free from disease. They suffered greatly from a multitude of diseases. They had poor dental health and infections. They lived in a very unsanitary environment. The one benefit was the extreme isolation that reduced the number of contagious diseases. Cancer and heart disease may have been rare, but it is unknown for certain because the dead were never examined by a professional. The Hunza diet was not the perfect diet as claimed. Diet deficiencies abound. The diet was seriously deficient in iodine, omega-3 fatty acids, and amino acids from proteins. Many of the diseases treated by John Clark were the result of the a nutritional deficiency. The Hunza people were no different from other people who lived in isolated high mountain communities. Most of the books written about the Hunzakuts are simply fiction and myths flamed by the imagination into believing the Hunza River Valley was a magical Garden of Eden where people never got sick. Deception runs like a red thread throughout all of human history. The Hunzakuts were no different. The Hunzakuts excelled in falsehoods about their ages, state of health, and happiness because they benefited. The Mir encouraged the deception because he thought the people would be happier. The Mir prevented John Clark from taking two students to the United States for further education because the Mir feared the boys would be dissatisfied in Hunza after their return. He was shielding his people from the world.
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