Loneliness is a structural problem

The one and a half meters, little to no visit can receive and work at home. Yes, the constant measures aimed at combating corona have caused more people to feel lonely, also sees psychoanalyst and professor of psychodiagnostics Paul Verhaeghe. But the problem is more structural. An epidemic within the epidemic is called it, loneliness.

“Let's not forget that loneliness was already there. What you see with the pandemic is that a number of problems that have already been there are being magnified. Loneliness is one of them, because by the lockdown we are obliged to stay alone, or in small groups. We cannot maintain our normal social contacts. But the problem of loneliness has been on the agenda for a long time. I remember being a guest at Buitenhof at the end of 2018, to talk about the subject. Then I was told that one in three people in the Netherlands is lonely.'