Long life... updates to the laptop..

Every week I check for updates ready for my beloved laptop. And every time I look, there are zero updates.

But there are times when my laptop is so slow. . that I actually automatically look at the updates. And then all of a sudden there are 10 updates.

Today unfortunately also. I'm staring at a blue screen from half past 3. .
With just the text: preparing windows, do not turn off the computer.

That's very nice when you go to sleep, then the laptop can just stay on.
But mine seems to feel it when I finally have time for my relaxing moment. . And then, at that point, want to update. .

You'd say. . then you postpone this update anyway!? Yes, you can. . only my laptop is so slow, everything also hangs. . that out of pure envy the updates let go on. . with the result that I am now 3 and a half hours to finally start my relaxing moment. I think the odds are very small that this one is going to come.

#frustratie #laptop #update #zucht