Lookout tower on the veluwe

There is a lot to see and experience in the Veluwe, Gelderland. For example, there are a number of lookout towers to be found, including one in Putten.

On 18 October 2018 I visited the “Forest Tower” with my family, as the lookout tower on Landgoed Schovenhorst is called.
At least, I stood there and looked at it, while husband and son defy the stairs.

The tower from below:

The view from the tower:


What I find so special about this tower is that the platform at the top is overgrown. There are trees. That's how it's like you're on the ground floor.


In the area the tower is well signposted by brown signs with white letters.
Parking is possible in a parking lot on the right side of the road. Buy tickets at the Brasserie.
On foot via Landgoed Schovenhorst (along beautiful, separate trees) you cross the road. A short path leads to the forest tower.

More info:

See the website: schovenhorst.nl/bostoren

One of my pictures of the tower I edited in Paint dot NET: