Lose weight, can I do it, along with you?

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In 2001, I quit smoking. And I could do that very well! From one minute to the next, no cigarette smoked.
I grew but not terrifying! I worked in the neighborhood, did everything on my bike, walked the whole day, so that was my salvation.
In 2005 I went to the nursing home, I became EVVèr of the department. That means you had to join in other departments where needed, medication, bad news calls, hospital arrangements, doctor assistance. So there too busy pressure and again pressure. There, too, it was running back and forth my salvation. I didn't take the elevator that took too long, I was running from floor to floor.
Until 2012, I decided to start a day with my partner for people with dementia and lonely elderly people. Most of you know this, #dagopvangdenostalgie . Our service was to pick up the people themselves at home. But we have just started and worked in the nursing home, because we didn't have a salary on the day. So we had no transport yet, so that was driving with our own car! Bike stayed in the barn! The damage was limited because I kept working in the nursing home during the weekend, but in 2014 that was over, we opened 5 days a week..
From running and flying in the department, was sitting with the clients, singing, gym (old days gym), walking (read strolling). Games. My movement suffered a dramatic downfall. When I quit smoking, I weighed 85 kilos and was 1.67 m.
Now 20 years later including the corona kilos, I weigh 130 kilos and am 1.61,5 m so they can roll me.
Then I've become a tumbler.
I am at the gym, twice a week, not fanatical, because of a worn back, but I can do nice exercises for the body. Only now you can't!
Walking is not very good for me either, but that will get better as I waste. I'm going to watch my fats and sugars and try to move a lot! So I like to join @DiaantjesLife 🦋 and @Encaustichris and hopefully even more..
I'm gonna do my best! Go girls!