Securing your future job

Machine learning is future, that's a fact. In the dawn of Forth Industrial Revolution when AI will take away many 'human' jobs it is important to keep learning and make yourself needed for whatever future jobs are coming.

One area that is already in high demand is Machine Learning. Basic skills include programming languages like Python, R or Java; Math skills like Calculus, Linear Algebra Probability and Statistics; Machine learning frameworks like TensorFlow, PyTorch or Keras.

I have started with courses on FreeCodeCamp which include Data Analysis with Python, Scientific Computing with Python and Machine learning. They are free to attend and you get certification after finishing projects. I finished Scientific Computing with Python and right now I'm doing projects for Data Analysis but they are not that trivial :)

There are many online resources for ML and quite a few of them are free. Here are some of them to start with:

- Machine Learning in Python

- Statistics and probability

- Machine Learning Algorithms

- Kaggle

- TensorFlow

Good luck with your #machinelearning path!