Marble with acrylic paint

Initially, it was my intention to spray paint in a container of water with acrylic spray and then immerse an object of your choice, but the spray paint of the action proves not suitable for that.

What else!

Something I did before but didn't know how. And now I thought, just try.


Either give a mixed color look to paper.

What do you need:
  • Acrylic Spray Paint (a.o. available at Action)
  • Bake of

  • I used the leaves of a Sketch Pad (also available at Action)

  • Water
  • Toothpick or cocktail stick
  • T
  • weezers New
  • spaper
  • Incidentally: I am NOT sponsored for mentioning/referring to Action.

    How do you work?
    1. Put everything ready
    2. Fill the tray with Water
    3. Spray colors of your choice on the water surface
    4. If necessary, draw through with the stick, so that the colors (even) flow into each other
    5. Paper put on
    6. it S
    7. lightly immerse
    8. 'fish' with tweezers
    9. To dry lay on a

    What is so nice about this?

  • Each result is different
  • Endless vary
  • Fun creative occupation

    • In the bin, for example, it can look like this

      And then this is the result on paper

      For the rectangular paper I have a rectangular tray


      Another size tray I also tested. Paper folded square.

      Initially, the first attempt seemed to fail, but it went well

      This was Attempt 2, like Earth...

      What can you do with the result?
      • Fineliner something. A mandala, a dream catcher, or something else

      • Place a spell on
      • Framing. In a swa
      • p list, you can alternate each time Cut out a wide frame and use it in a picture frame, with for example in the middle a spell on a

      matching colour paper (or other marbled paper)
    • Cut out hearts, for example for Mother's Day.

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