Meanwhile on the bus: a somewhat special storage place...

Sunday afternoon around four o'clock, station Haarlem.

I'm about to start my ride, so I close my doors, give direction and drive away quietly at the stop.

A gentleman comes running a little further. Smuddy looks, an AH bag, and a half liter of beer in his hand.

He runs towards me, and he says he still wants to come. Because on this line the bus runs once every half hour, and it starts to rain, I stop.

Only then I notice his mouthcap: cut the earelastics, and tied together.

The mouthcap flashes in all directions. I'm happy with the couch screen on the bus.

The first thing I say is that the open can of beer is not allowed on the bus.

If I want to wait, then he throws it in the trash. Of course... and then the gentleman has to buy a ticket.

“This morning, that device didn't work, so I can sit down?” He asks.

No, it's working now, so... where's the trip going?

The gentleman mentions his destiny, and I'll set up a ticket for him.

Then the gentleman realizes he can only pin in the bus...

Oh, sorry, I have to get my pass, says the man, for safety, it's sitting here pointing at his crotch.

Do I have that?

For a moment, I think he was joking, but pointing towards me, he opens his fly.

I look away, in the amazed face of my colleague, and make a hand gesture: what I am experiencing again...

Then I hear a slight moaning beside me. I put my hands in front of my eyes, what do I have to do with this...!

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to get this guy off the bus when I need to.

The gentleman has turned away, I see when I look his way again, and to my surprise he has actually conjured up a debit card.

He buys a ticket and we leave with four minutes delay.

I'm behind the wheel with disbelief and a smile from ear to ear.

When the gentleman has left, I have to laugh very hard.

A little less than an hour later, the way back.

He's at the stop where he got off... “Do you remember me??

I got out too late.

Do I have to buy a ticket again...?”

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