Messages and chat on Yoors

Previously, there was an inbox on Yoors, where people received private messages and notifications. In the meantime, chat has been added.
The spot is still the envelope, at the top right of the screen. Click on it and there will be a screen in the image, as shown in the picture below:


Types of notifications you might get:

  • Someone started following you
  • Someone rewarded your post with YoorsPoints
  • You have achieved pageview and/or supporterviews
  • Someone responded to your post
  • Someone responded to your reaction
  • Someone called you in a post
  • Someone called you in a comment


The left column shows the profile photos of members you used to exchange Direct Messages with. If there's a number, you haven't seen all the messages from that person yet.

That column is the chat. You can communicate with each other directly, privately.
The chat is foldable and collapsible, using the arrow, as indicated here:


Suppose you've received 18 messages. The amount will be shown near the envelope.
Suppose 1 ore more are chatmessages. You read them. But where did the other messages go?

Click on the other arrow. Tadaaa! (Both on desktop or mobile device).


Mark messages as read

Click exactly on the blue dot in front of a new message. It'll mark it as read. The blue color in the background of that message, will be dissapeared.

How to delete one or more messages:


Close screen

Message screen and chat can be closed by means of the cross.


Click “Filter” if you only want to see unread notifications.