My 5 Netflix Favorites

*Netflix Series*

Breaking Bath

A father who teaches chemistry gets cancer and gets poor and needs to cover his illness costs. Unfortunately, he will not succeed and he will become the best crystal meth maker in the whole of America.

The Walking Dead

a zombie thriller series where a virus rages through the world that kills people. But not quite;)

prison break-

Micheal's brother has unjustly received the death penalty and the days are ticking on. micheal is put in prison to break his brother out of prison.

the end of the f*nking world-

a funny series about a boy (who is psychopathic) and a rebellious teenage girl who become friends for very different reasons. and it does not all run equally smoothly

sex education

a funny series about a boy who is going to give sex advice to people at school, because his mother is an expert in love. which the other students do not know. the boy himself is still a virgin.

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