Geld Verdienen met op je Dikke Kont Zitten - Zo Doe ik Het!

Voor de meeste mensen klinkt het te mooi om waar te zijn; een utopie. Dat was ook zo voor mij, maar nadat ik het boek had gelezen van Napoleon Hill, "Think and Grow Rich" ging de knop om. Ik wilde ten eerste nooit meer werken, en ten tweede geld verdienen. Genoeg om van te leven, af en toe iets leuks te doen, en soms nog wat weg te geven. Ik veranderde mijn mind-set, voerde verschillende veranderingen door in mijn leven, zegde mijn baan op, en ik begon met op m'n dikke kont zitten. Het heeft me geen windeieren gelegd, want nu, twee jaar later, heb ik nog steeds geen dag gewerkt, een gestaag groeiende spaarrekening, ik doe iedere dag wat ik leuk vind, en ik heb nooit meer geld tekort.

Stap 1: Minimalisme en Ontspullen 

Stap 2: Bezuinigen en Besparen 

Stap 3: Passieve Inkomstenstromen Creeren 

Stap 4: Stap 1 tot en met 3 Onderhouden en Verdiepen 

Stap 5: Genieten!

Stap 1.

Stap 2.

Stap 3.

Stap 4.

Stap 5.

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Hello people, it's nice to meet them:D
#iamnewhere Hello friends is my first time here, I just graduated from lawyer, i am very interested in penal area and the criminology . My friends always tell me that I am their messiah I will be the one who will get them out of hahaha trouble (and I hope to do it) But not only do I dedicate myself to that, I also have my musician side , i play my music keyboard and i try to do video game covers and my own personal content. I like to read and play graphic novels games. I love watching horror movies especially genre “Found footage” and lately I'm learning to illustrate! I think that many of us who have a profession as a lawyer, accountant, doctor or engineer have in the background an artistic side that wants to manifest, that is why I do not miss the opportunity to be alive and learn new skills and be able to combine them. (:
Walk 13-05-2021
#nature During another hike through nature a.o. these pictures are taken: Below is a panorama photo. (Hopefully it is to view it as such.) You better not sit here.. 'Cause this is a big anthill! This pool may be created by man, but several animals are very happy with it! Among other things, toads, frogs and salamanders. I heard them, but I didn't see them, otherwise I would definitely have taken a picture of them. On the photo below: Sprawth of various tree species One of the nesting boxes, this one is from the blue tit if I remember correctly And a #faceseverywhere you see him, too.? I thought I was on vacation there! What was this again enjoying! What kind of shrub is this? And the birds were singing - Hear the birds there! Landscape Photos - More walking pictures of me. Hiking plog of 17-03-2020 - And even more walking pictures! Overview photos of Ingrid Tips and more - More pictures... Own photos. Do not use without permission!