Are you a moderator on Yoors? Then we want to thank you dearly for helping us keep Yoors clean. Thanks to your reports we have been able to correct hundreds of posts that went against the community guidelines.

However we have noticed some alarming things...

We have been forced to remove the option "Empty post" from the report reasons as we do not tolerate users marking a single photo as an empty post. Originally this option was designed to target posts that contain no content, but often this has been misused.

Why did we remove this option?

Posting a description in your post is not mandatory when you have posted an attachment in your post: f.e a photo, video, etc. It is also very vague and subjective what an "empty post" really is. Sometimes it is also just a mistake or a bug on our part that can be easily corrected by the author later on.

So how do you report a real empty post?

You can still mark a real empty post as "spam", which we would really like to focus on more than empty posts. We ask everyone to also please not report posts that contain a single attachment (photo, video, etc) as spam when they contain no text as this is not against the rules.

Yoors is not a blog-platform but a content platform.

Yoors has never put an amount of required words while creating your posts. We also ask you guys to not harass content creators who do not write lengthy pieces of texts to accompany their photos or videos. Everyone is allowed to post whatever they want as long as it's within the rules.

Yoors is also working on further improvements in the moderation tool:

  • stricter rules before post appears in moderation tool
  • reporters need to provide proof for reporting copyright content, as some people are the rightful owners of the content and their posts get reported unfairly.

Hopefully this also gives as a small relief for users who have had their posts reported unfairly in the past.

Thank you for understanding and together we can create a better Yoors.

Moderators, we need your attention

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