Mr. Niks! Nothing! Niente!

She's been playing a national lottery for over ten years. But win ho!
She's so bummed of that!
“I'd better stop,” she whines to her mother.
“At last wise. It's money thrown away. Legal scam!”
“Even if I won only five euri! For one, that's peanuts, for another a lot.”
“True, but then you won nothing, for a lot costs five double!”
“And you're only telling me that now!”
“Surely you can count yourself?”
“I'm kidding, of course, I had hoped for the jackpot.”
“What would you do with that?”
“Well, for example what Ingrid would do with it .”
“Then who is that?”
“A blogger on Yoors”
“What is that then?”
“A nice blog platform. You really should visit.”
“Yes, I know that. Surely a lot of advertising there?”
“Nothing! Nada! Niente!”