My blog about Corona (1): Writing talk

Am I going to do it?
Am I actually in the mood for this?

It will probably be about refraining and building up again.
Yes, it will probably be about my body again, which I haven't been able to trust for quite a long time.
Does it make sense to write about “aches and pains” and about “complaining”.
Maybe I'd better keep it to myself and, like a cat, carry it silently.
What's the use of my story again, what's the use of the burdens that bother me so much.
Yes, what do I actually have to give to someone else.
After all, I am also 'just' a simple soul, who does her best to live as comfortably as possible.

Sometimes I feel proud and then I shut myself up.
I know I'm allowed to write and I really want to write, but I'm also often so tired.
I already hear you thinking: “Don't do it, that's no problem at all, right”
Yes, that's also true, but the writing is in my system.

It needs to come out!
And I can't do it with it, so I just have to do it without sound.

I talk with written words,
I prefer to talk 'alone'.
It's not always fun for my loved ones and I often hear that around me.
But I can't change myself just because someone else says so.
And in that sense, I am even more silenced.
At least, of course, I do that myself, I'm really aware of that.
But face to face, I just find it difficult and that often interferes with my peace of mind.

No, let me do it my own way, let me write!
And you know, in my way, the messages really come to the surface.
It is my way, to stay in this difficult life too.
Yes, so ist, I'm out, let me just write.

Who writes, stays, yes, right?
There is a saying, and my mother passed it on to me a long time ago.
Yes, I write and I stay as long as I can live!

Haha, I've completely strayed, again typical Angelien.
Yes, I'm a bit of a mess and you haven't seen my office yet.
Look, now I'm doing it again, just stick to your point.
Is this really because I gave my head and body too little rest?

I always say, “Enjoy life, you're only there for a little while”
But yes, sometimes or most of the time I act excessively.
Everything I have in my head has to happen.
I always enjoy so many things, I can do almost anything, and new doors are always opening.
Somewhere this is fantastic, but apparently it's not allowed, because time and time again I go on my record.
I've been through so much, even cancer and now, now it's the Corona that's in my plate.

It's my sign,
I don't want to share it all the time.
Time and again I get attacked, it hangs my throat out, I'm really bored.
I know, I'm super stubborn.
My husband has a hard time sometimes.
And now afterwards, yes, always afterwards, I am glad that he managed to send me to the doctor.

Could I prevent it?
Are these attacks, over and over again over the years, partly due to my own walking?
Could that really be possible, dude, get sick with your own actions?

Maybe they're all right.
But enjoying life also makes me so rich.
It makes me happy, it sets me free.
My mind wants everything, but I don't seem to make my body happy anymore.

I got Corona and today, after three weeks at home, I'm starting to build up, today I'm finally starting therapy, finally.
I will write about my experience and this will be a piece from my own biography.

by: a Voice of Thoughts

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